Digital Future

I was doing some shopping and realized suddenly how digital I’ve become. Digital books. Digital movies. Digital comics. Digital songs. Digital tv shows.

Yes, the only non-digital entertainment product I’m missing there are video games. And that’s because physical copies are currently cheaper than digital where I live. Not counting Steam’s wonderful summer sale of course, but I’m not interested in any of those games as I’ve already bought GW2 and Dota 2 is free. But I might make my first ever digital game purchase with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive next month, but that’s a story for a different time.

Digital media is the future. There’s no denying it. Just look at how digital I am. And I’m sure you have friends that are similar. Music I have been digital since Internet came into play, even before broadband, true story. Since 2000 I think I haven’t bought a physical CD. Movies are perhaps all digital (for me) since like 2004. Books since the first iPad came out. TV shows the same as movies. In fact, I’ve only once purchased a physical box of a tv series.

And today I bought my first digital comic book, in HD for my iPad retina display and it was gorgeous and just like ebooks, it outclasses the physical version in every possible way. Both in convenience and environmentally. And ebooks are not only cheaper and greener, but clearer and easier to define words with built-in dictionaries. And I have over 40 books with me on my iPad. Can’t bring those in physical copies now, can you?

Yes, digital is the way to go. For all the listed reasons. It is the future and I am excited to see when everything will be digital – completely. Meaning physical versions won’t even exist. How many years? Perhaps 15 I think. Oh yeah, also magazines I get digitally.

How about you? How digital are you?

Should this game be available only through the Steam store, it’ll be my first digital purchase of a video game.


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2 Responses to “Digital Future”

  1. Mr.Jay Says:

    So games will shift from digital version to cloud version in the future?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Definitely. Sony, Microsoft, and Valve are already working on it. It’ll cut down cost for the consoles as well as all will be stored in their clouds. Eleminates piracy and used sales as well. But that’s far off though.

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