No Windows 8

I’ve been getting questions regarding as to if I will upgrade to Windows 8 in the future when it comes out in October, and the answer is: no.

Windows 8 has a lot of flaws and difficulties for gamers and people using multiple monitors. And I belong to both those groups, which would make me upgrading to it very counterproductive. Also, Windows 7 is the best OS that I have ever used and I am completely satisfied with it and have absolutely no need to change from it for several, several years.

It seems as if Windows 8 will become the next Windows Vista – a failure in terms of quality and consumer satisfaction. I wrote earlier in a previous blog entry that I was the only one who felt that the Metro UI wasn’t that bad but was the only person thinking that. But now after looking at it in-depth, it has severe flaws that I have no intentions of experiencing. Sorry Microsoft, I won’t be supporting you on your next OS quest.

It has potential, but as it is now in Windows 8, it’s far from perfect and not suited for my needs.


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