Hero: Naga Siren

This week the honor is to a very special lady with a beautiful singing voice. She was amongst my top five most played heroes in DotA (the first game) and there was an excellent reason for that: she’s amazing. The honor, of course, goes to none other than the lovely and very talented Naga Siren.

Naga Siren is a carry hero with the ability to control entire fights by choosing the position of the fight and also is a hard disabler for several heroes in particularly Lycan. With amazing disables, damage, and crowd control, she is undoubtedly an asset to any team she plays for and I foresee her becoming my top three most successful hero as I will be using her a lot.

What do you think about Naga Siren?

“She that goes to sea for pleasure would go to war for pastime.


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