Mists of Pandaria Launching 1 Month After GW2

Blizzard are clever. They were waiting for ArenaNet to announce the release date of Guild Wars 2 and then slated their latest expansion for World of Warcraft to launch precisely a month after. Genius.

Why is it genius? Because they know that hundreds of thousands of players will be disappointed with Guild Wars 2. It’s simply too different and too new for most players. They are not used to those mechanics as they have been playing World of Warcraft and Star Wars for the past years.  So how will Blizzard salvage them? By releasing Mists of Pandaria one month after GW2 – when players are fed up with it and want a new fix.

I know Mists of Pandaria will be successful in terms of sales. All Blizzard games are so, undeserving lately, but they are financial successes. Can’t deny that. I know a lot of players going back to WoW because of this as all other games simply die off very fast but WoW still remains. Look at Tera. Look at Rift. Look at Star Wars. Look at Diablo III. Look at, yeah you get the point. I think the failure of all the other MMO’s will strengthen WoW this expansion as people will know it will be popular for a long time and that makes it a safe investment for them.

Thoughts on this? Will you be buying GW2 or Pandaria? Or both?

There is at least one more expansion coming after Mists of Pandaria. Will the World of Warcraft ever die?


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