The Dragon Is Back

Lyoto Machida knocked out Ryan Bader in the second round of UFC on FOX 4 and did dominate the first round as well. He is now next in line for the winner of Dan Henderson and Jon Jones for yet another title, well worthy in my opinion as he is the only one who has won a round against the current champ.

Machida has always been my favorite Light Heavyweight due to his philosophy towards life and his strategic fighting. I know a lot of people find it boring, but I don’t. I enjoy smart fighting far more than brawls, although they have their charm too, I’ll admit.

I don’t foresee Henderson beating Jones, and it will be interesting to see how Machida approaches the second fight with Jones next year. But if Jones beats Machida, is there really anyone left for him in that division? I want a superfight, but Dana White refuses to give superfights to his fans. Not cool.


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