Thoughts on Milan

AC Milan has sold two of their best players – Ibrahimovic and Silva for a massive sum of 50€ million  plus of course, releasing them from their massive salaries that averaged six Serie A players each.

The decision to sell Ibrahimovic was the right one in my opinion. He is not a team player, he plays with no heart. He’s a whore who will go to whatever club pays him the most and he is always arrogant and never performs when it’s needed the most which is why he has never won Champions League and never will do so. Good riddance I say.

Silva on the other hand is a world class defender and will be missed. He was forced out of Milan and didn’t want to leave. Berlusconi is killing Milan with these sales (well, not financially, financially they are very smart) but from competitiveness. There’s almost no chance of winning Champions League now and Serie A will be extremely difficult. In fact, I’d say Milan are lucky if they clinch top three.

What can be done? Well, obviously to add new players. I want to see Milan sign Berbatov for 6€ million and also maybe Dzeko for 10€ million. That gives us over 36€ million  to spare. For that money I would like to see a stable defender such as perhaps Agger to be added. Also a discounted Kaka for 15€ million or on-loan would be ideal. With those three additions I believe Milan could contest for Serie A again and then in 2013/14 for the Champions League with a few additional signings when the economy is stable again.

This player should be the number one target to sign for Milan according to me.


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