Guild Wars 2: Review-in-Progress 2

I’ve now spent even more time with GW2 and experienced new things and also forgot to include all of the things I wanted in the previous post. (It was kind of rushed to get it out early) And also I’ve been gaming a lot more with friends to make the experience even more pleasurable.


  • Deep and complicated crafting system. Crafting in GW2 is no easy matter and requires time, skill and understanding. Also researching and manually finding the ingredients that consist of several layers not only two.
  • No “he stole my enemy/vein/tree/boss” etc, AKA Ninja-Free. In GW2, it’s meant for you to help others. If I attack an enemy that you wanted, it’s OK. As long as we both deal damage and help out, we both get credit and loot. This is revolutionary as previously in MMOs people stole each others quest loot and progress by doing this rendering it extremely frustrating and prolonged. This is one of those world class ideas that exists in GW2.
  • Dynamic events that are visible in the world. I know I bashed the dynamic events a bit last post, but that’s because most of them aren’t that impressive. However, there are some that are and deserve praise. Yesterday we failed to defend a bridge and it blew up. It disappeared from the world. Pretty cool. Although it was rebuilt 5 minutes after as we defended the workers successfully. I wonder, if we kept failing, would the bridge be gone forever? Anyhow, it is getting better as you progress right now.
  • Problems being fixed rather fast (guild issues etc)
  • Insanely good puzzles hidden in the world such as jumping puzzles and rewarding


  • Still highly unstable servers (i.e. lag, spikes, disconnects, overflow issues, dungeon issues, friend list issues, WvWvW queue)
  • And the same issues regarding leveling that I am leveling too slow for the area I am in despite doing 100%, thus being forced to grind it out in a lower area meanwhile.

Other than that you can see that GW2 is progressively growing on me. It still has its major issues and I know that some of the smaller ones are just temporary such as the friend list issues, WvWvW queues and so on. But some of them will most likely be there for a long time. But the game is definitely growing on me, probably because I’ve been playing with friends constantly now throughout and not as much solo as before.

I’ll take a break from updating with GW2 impressions for a while as there isn’t really much else to cover than what I’ve said until I reach level 80 and starting doing 80 content and some serious PvP and WvWvW efforts. See you then! It’ll take a while for sure, this game is massive.


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