Has Guild Wars 2 failed?

First let’s get one thing out of the way: Guild Wars 2 is a great product that has sold millions of copies and is on the top charts in several countries and it’s only been a week after release. From a financial point of view, the game’s a success. Simple as that. Almost everyone I know is playing it, or should I say, was?

I mentioned in my reviews-in-progress that GW2 was different. Very different. GW2 is considered to be the biggest threat to World of Warcraft and the blame for recent failed MMO’s such as The Secret World and so on. So the expectations on this title aren’t exactly slim. Now let me tell you how my personal circle of this game has been evolving and changing after a week of the official release.

Like I said, almost everyone I know was playing prior to launch. Pre-access and the whole thing. Insane hype and expectations. Now, however, it seem as if a lot of players have gotten “tired” of such much new things. The PvE rewards are mere cosmetic items because in PvP they don’t transfer over. Sure, they do to WvWvW but that doesn’t cut it for most people. So what’s the point of PvE in the game? Well, personal bragging rights and pimped out cosmetic gear. Combine this with  hard, hard crafting and very strict gold possession, a lot of my friends were playing World of Warcraft yesterday again instead of GW2. Shocker? I think so, yes.

The thing with GW2 is that it doesn’t have any subscribers so it’s difficult to measure its “current success” from a third-point of view, unless ArenaNet shares it. Also, the thing with GW2’s lack of a sub fee means that players can still play WoW, SWTOR and other MMO’s with sub fees and GW2 on the side as it doesn’t cost them anything extra and login from time to time as they see fit. But will it be the constant success it’s hyped to be? I think so.

GW2’s charm is that it has no sub fee, which means that tons of people will play it regardless. It really does that much. Sub fees was what killed SWTOR and they are getting rid of them in hope of getting people back to the game. GW2 is a financial success no doubt. But whether or not it can stay with several million active players remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on GW2?


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One Response to “Has Guild Wars 2 failed?”

  1. anony Says:

    Played it 2 weeks tops then back to wow wich i still play atm, thh the evebts thing of gw2 they said its new while its just kill 15 of these grab 15 of those like wow difference is they call its events so only thing new is the name and the events themselfs get boring its just the same event over and over, dont get me wrong gw2 has some points over wow but it isnt much in comparison ive deinstalled gw2 completely no fees are ok but the game isnt much imo, i rather play minecraft or something when im bored with wow.

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