Hero: Faceless Void

This week we skip the assassins, although that doesn’t mean that the hero is any less dangerous for that. It is a man without a face, and he does hurt. Especially in his ultimate. I present: Faceless Void.

Faceless Void is a hard carry with an amazing disable spell and avoid death capabilities. He has his ultimate that freezes time and space – only allowing himself to move around and attack within it. Imagine how use that can be when capturing the entire enemy team in it? But be careful not to trap your team as well. He has a semi-blink that allows him to rush out of danger, or straight into it if he sees fit.

A farmed Void that plays properly and has good last hits and so on is almost unstoppable and that’s exactly what happened to my Void. He became a beast that single-handedly carried the game to victory and there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it thanks to the ultimate Chronosphere.

From a place beyond time, and time beyond counting.


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