Benitez rumored for Milan position

Rafael Benitez, former Liverpool and Internazionale coach is rumored to take over at Milan due to extremely poor performance and some falling out between the VP and himself.

Benitez has won Champions League with Liverpool and consistently placed high with them. Sure, he plays very defensive football which is boring, but the results speak for themselves. And yes, he did some extremely poor signings that caused Liverpool to almost go in financial ruins, but he can’t take the sole blame for that.

I think Benitez is exactly the coach Milan need right now. By selling star players and bringing new younger ones and some more defensive ones, Benitez style is fit for Milan and it cannot get any worse than it is now. Milan are injury prone thanks to Pato and now Robinho is out for a few weeks. I think that Benitez can make a difference and make Milan a top two team again in the Serie A and a force to be reckon with in Champions League.

I think with Milan’s strict and tight financial grasp, Benitez would flourish there and make Milan a very powerful defensive team to keep them in top two or three.¬†


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