Resident Evil: Damnation

I am huge Resident Evil fan, no doubt. I’ve played almost all the games and seen all the movies or at least I think I have. Might be some Japan-only minor pics that I missed, but other than that I am covered. So this movie was a natural choice for me to watch and as I really liked their first one I had high expectations for this one.

Though it wasn’t as good as the previous animated RE movie, it was still good and well worth seeing for RE fans. It lacked some depth and a true deep story, but hey, when has RE ever had a deep story that was good right? It’s mostly cheesy, and there’s plenty of cheese here too. Some really cool moments and characters that I’d like to see in a RE game for sure.

Rating: 3 out of 5



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One Response to “Resident Evil: Damnation”

  1. murrrrre Says:

    ser gärna om dem filmerna med dig nån dag 🙂

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