Hero: Windrunner

Winder AKA Waifurunner is one of the hottest Dota 2 heroes that many nerds want to have fantasy sex with and marry. She’s a support/ganker that is constantly selected in metagame and a great asset to any team.

I recently started playing more and more with her (hae hae) and immediately from the start I landed great powershots and shackles making me very useful early and killing opponents. In fact, I managed to harass and deny an enemy carry so much that he raged after 7 minutes and left. It was one my greatest achievements.

Windrunner is fast and agile, good qualities, and I think we can all safely say she’s the hottest ginger out there. With her disable and great damage burts, she makes for an excellent hero worthy of recognition.

Thoughts on Waifurunner?

“Why do you hate gingers so?”


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