A year without Steve Jobs

Two days ago it was the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing and many people feared what it would do to Apple in terms of quality and financial success.

One thing we can state right off the bat is that financially, it didn’t do much. Apple stock continues to rise and hit new records and Apple is richer than a lot of countries. So in that area, Jobs isn’t exactly missed.

But what about product quality? Jobs was known for his perfectionist style and rejected tons of ideas on constant basis. That’s something I respected about him. Also, he was an asshole that overworked people and demanded insane things. And that in the end was visible seen in the quality of Apple products.

Now, though, it has become apparent that Apple is slowing down in that department. Immediately after they re-launched their Apple TV design, a design that Steve Jobs hated. Then we had the Apple Maps failure that resulted in Apple publicly apologizing. Sure, the iPhone 4 had those antenna issues, as well, but I still feel that if we look at the iPhone 5 and the way other Apple products are rolling out such as iTunes, iPods etc, it’s slowing down in terms of innovation and new features. I mean, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have 4G support in many EU countries.

I guess it’s still a tad too early to tell how the products of Apple will change without Jobs. But the iPhone 5 jokes are brand new. The iPod jokes are brand new. So in a way, it has begun. I still love my iPhone 4S and iPad 3 and feel that those products are best in their category.

What do you think? Do you think Apple will start trembling down in a few years?


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