Can’t start that workout?

Summer has passed and with it summer clothing and that desire for the beach body. Am I right? Motivation to hit the gym is at an alltime low and you won’t feel anything until New Years.

But here are some guidelines that have helped me:

  • Just go: it might seem fairly obvious, but taking that initial step is the most important one. Even if you are tired. You always have time, saying otherwise is just a pisspoor excuse to not workout. You watch TV for more than an hour a day right? Or the computer? So go.
  • Make it a routine: say to yourself that you have to go workout before you start watching TV and that if you don’t, you simply can’t. Once it settles in as a routine after a few weeks it’ll come naturally.
  • Eating right: eating is equally important. You need to eat right to have the energy and high protein intake is key. Make sure you throw away all the junk ASAP.
  • Think about your health: by working out you will feel better and become healthier – do it for yourself.

Still can’t manage to thrown in an hour of gym? Start by jogging around your block or taking powerwalks, or even regular walks for that matter and progressively increase your training routine.

Women can easily  achieve these results in six months.



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