Dredd 3D

I am ready to call 2012 the best movie year in my memory. I mean, Dark Knight Rises, Lawless, Looper, Total Recall and more coming with great potential. I probably have forgotten a few as well. And now the remake of Dredd.

My expectations were somewhat high, but also skeptical. I mean, there’s no Stallone but then again the Total Recall remake was excellent without Schwarzenegger. So I went in there and I am happy to say I was screaming of joy and twitching and squeezing my girls hand at the action scenes and some moments. The soundtrack was completely godlike and out of this world. Every action scene the soundtrack got my heart pumping and “in the scene” so to speak. It couldn’t have been better and it is the best soundtrack for any action movie I’ve seen.

The respect towards Stallone in this movie was out of this world as well. Not once did Urban remove his helment to reveal his face. He played Dredd extraordinarily well and the fact that his chin and body build look similar to Stallone made this journey like magic. I felt like a kid once more. The story was good, the concept excellent and the action moments and Judge-moments awesome. Only a few lines from the first movie that I missed, but other than that this was a homerun for certain.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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