The Ultimate Fighter hits a new low

I have long been complaining about how The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) is getting stale and old. It hasn’t been truly entertaining in a long time and the concept feels old and overdone.

Every fighter has the same boring cliché story and it’s either “I came from poverty and this means everything” or “I am fighting my heart out for my child and family, this means everything to me” and it’s just so cliché and boring. I mean seriously, the fuck? The same shit over and over again.

And the new coaches Nelson and Carwin aren’t that entertaining personality-wise. Rampage vs. Evans and Koscheck vs. St-Pierre were hilarious thanks to the coaches pranks and whatnot. The fighters were always mediocre but now with boring coaches, boring fights and dying concept, I am no longer going to finish the season. It’s just too dull.

And apparently I am not alone in thinking this. The series has hit a new all-time low with only 624 000 viewers. Hopefully it stays this low and the UFC realizes that they have to do something radical with this show. Firstly, maybe hire professional fighters that behave and don’t have the same cliché story that millions of other fighters have already told.


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