TUF: Jones vs. Sonnen

Yesterday I blogged about how TUF has hit an all-time low in viewer ratings and how I feel that over the past few season the show has been dying.

Well, now the UFC has announced its upcoming season for January for TUF and the new coaches are Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, which means that Chael Sonnen has been setup for a title shot in his debute in LHW. Shocking? Indeed.

Chael Sonnen is the most entertaining fighter in the UFC in terms of talking skills. He is unmatched and knows how to promote a fight so that it sells well. It’s a fact. The numbers back it up. Dana White must have been desperate to try to boost the TUF ratings and this was the most logical choice out of them all. Now skeptics will watch to say how outrageous it is for Sonnen to be there without having a single fight at LHW. Now Sonnen fans will watch because they love him. Now Sonnen haters (and there are a lot of them) will watch it because they want to see him fail.

Will this ressurect TUF? No. It will not. That concept is done and done. It was created to promote UFC and make it grow. But the UFC is already growing own its own and so well-established that the TUF has served its purpose and should be cut. I understand TUF India and Australia and so on to promote the UFC abroad, but in the US, cut it please. I am sure Sonnen will be making a lot of funny comments and I will watch the next season (this one I already abandoned all my hope for) as I love Sonnen and will support him fully.

Only this man could talk himself into a title shot without a single fight in his new weight class.


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