Timeless classic: The Matrix

There are movies that are timeless classics. You know, those that never grow old. And despite the fact that they have been out for decades or longer, are still remember and hallmarks. Standard-setters. So I decided to revisit some of those movies and the first one up is none other than one of my all-time favorites The Matrix.

The Matrix set the standards on so many levels it’s unbelievable. How about those action genre defining slow-motion effects? How about the bullet effects? How about the incredible sci-fi future concept? Needless to say, The Matrix was a pioneer of its time. I still think about it almost daily and I never turn down an opportunity to see it again. The sequels aren’t that well-received, but I don’t think that hate was justified. I feel that, though not as strong, they were still good flicks with cool action moments.

What are your thoughts on this legendary motion picture? Did you like it, or have you not seen it?

Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.


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