Disney buys Lucasfilm/arts

Disney has bought all the rights for Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise and have massive plans for Star Wars. Already in 2015 we will be getting the much anticipated Star Wars: Episode 7, something that I have waited for over a decade.  And the plan is to release a new Star Wars flick bi-annually.

I couldn’t be happier with this news as I am a huge Star Wars fan, as you probably noticed. And George Lucas really fucked the original trilogy good and has been on a consistent downturn with the franchise for decades. With the great job Disney has done with Marvel I am sure that Star Wars will be much better off this way instead of the hands of an egoistic maniac that was Lucas.

I hope to see that the upcoming movies follow the lore and storyline of the books as there are many of them and that they are filled with expensive effects and cool gadgets. The budget has never been bigger and I have insane expectations. Probably too high, but I don’t care, I am hyyyyyped! This is my favorite franchise after all.

What are your thoughts and expectations on this?


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One Response to “Disney buys Lucasfilm/arts”

  1. murrrrre Says:

    du som verkligen gillar star wars 🙂

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