I know a lot of people have idols or people that inspire them to workout and to help them get a little boost. I frequently get asked who my sources of inspiration are so I thought I’d share that here.

I don’t honestly have a single source or person that I look at try to copy in terms of muscle mass or anything like that. I look more to their life style, attitude and life achievements. And I combine what I consider to be good routines from various successful athletes and integrate them into mine if they fit and work for me.

One of the people that I have been following was Brock Lesnar and his stomach injury woke me up and made me change my diet. Also Randy Couture’s health and physique for his age was a huge awakening to change my diet even further and focus on a similar path.

In terms of muscle mass, I have no person that I am like “wow I will steal his entire routine and look like him”. Why? Because I know it’s unrealistic and probably impossible as genetics and substances play into matter a lot. Are there actors/athletes that I consider to be good looking? Absolutely. Ryan Gosling has done a tremendous job with his body and so has Tom Hardy and Mark Wahlberg. I consider Georges St-Pierre to have an incredible muscle tone and achieved amazing results. But I am focused on me and instead, like I said, look to routines in terms of diets, attitude and personality as “inspiration”.

How about you? Who are your idols or inspirations?

Did someone order beefcake?


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