UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit

It’s almost that special time again. No, not Christmas. Well, yeah, Christmas is almost here, but so is another UFC title event as well. I am of course talking about UFC 154 where Carlos Condit takes on Georges St-Pierre to unify the welterweight interim belt with the regular one and it is one hell of an anticipated fight.

GSP has been injured for over a year now and it was said he might never come back and recover from his ACL injury. But he’s back. And he claims to be 100% and “better than ever” now with new goals and focus. The question is: is he really recovered entirely? What about ring rust? Will Carlos focus on his knee? We’ll just have to wait and see.

I don’t think this fight will be very entertaining. After seeing how Carlos ran around like girl from Diaz, I can only imagine how “strategic” this fight will be. Both will be “feeling” each other out for at least 1-2 rounds. Throwing some jabs and leg kicks and stay in defensive rhythms. GSP rarely capitalizes on his opportunities and even though Carlos does, I think he will play it safe like he did with Diaz. I expect a counter-defensive grindfest where a takedown will result in leg humping and if no takedowns are successful, it will be cautionary tale.

What are your thoughts on UFC 154? The event that marks the return of legendary GSP.  In all honesty, I am more excited for the Martin Kampmann vs Johnny Hendricks fight that might be a title contention fight. At least I know those two guys will go out and deliver some blood or good action. Plus Mark Hominick is fighting on the card as well and he is usually entertaining.

He’s back, he’s back, you know he’s back!


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