Two’s better than one

There’s no secret that working out and training is a hard thing. After all, that is why a vast majority of the world’s population doesn’t do it at all. But there are ways to make it easier and more efficient. One of those ways is to train with a partner.

If you have a friend who’s interested in working out or wants to start, then go and do it together. That way you can motivate each other and push each other far more than you would alone. One of you will be the so called “spotter” and it kind of works like a personal trainer in the end in the way you are pushing each other and helping each other out. This, of course, varies depending on what level of knowledge both of you have and if you both are first timers it won’t be that good, but it will still be better than nothing. Try hiring a PT for a few sessions then or ask a big guy at the gym for tips on exercises and then start your co-coaching routines.

You’ll quickly be amazed at how much more you last with another friend there. It’s a mental thing that will be forcing you to not to stop at a certain point but instead keep going because maybe your friend did it. It’s a great way and almost all professional builders and fighters have assistance in this way to truly be pushed to the limits and go beyond to achieve those extra satisfying results.

With help, your results could increase significantly.


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