I finally got to see Savages. I missed it in theaters so I thought I had to scoop it up on Blu-ray and I did just that. Was it good? Was it worth the wait?

I’m going to be honest here. What sold me in the trailer was that threesome relationship they had with that hot blonde girl. And the weed. And the drug cartel. I thought, if you mix sex, drugs and violence you pretty much cannot go wrong. Especially when they added that never seen before trio of lovers.

Some legendary actors in my books also appeared in smaller parts such as John Travolta and Selma Hayek and the long waited return for Benicio Del Toro for me at least. OK, maybe not so small roles but still. It made me happy to seem them back.

The movie itself was fairly long and a lot of things happened. I couldn’t predict the outcome at all and it didn’t play out like I expected most of the times which is a nice surprise. Other than that it was your standard drug/thriller movie with a few unique aspects and nothing that will go down in history as a masterpiece, but it wasn’t bad at all. It’s definitely a movie worth seeing.

Rating: 3 out of 5

A civilized savage.


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2 Responses to “Savages”

  1. murrrrre Says:

    hade tänkt se den med 🙂

  2. Snitch | Movie Trailer - getmybuzzup Says:

    […] Savages […]

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