Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva

GSP’s return to the octagon was nothing short of spectacular. Considering he has been absent for over 18 months, he returned and look like it was 18 days. A truly masterful performance by GSP and it was indeed a pleasure to watch him perform. Credit goes out to Carlos Condit though, who looked to have GSP in a scare with a viscious head kick in the third round.

Nevertheless, GSP walked away with a convincing decision and now the talks about a superfight between himself and Anderson Silva have reached a new peak. Dana White himself said that the UFC will make “everything” for this fight to happen. And in fact want it to happen very soon, May 2013 to be more precise.

Now this fight is a dream come true for many fans and a superfight that I feel needs to happen as well. Critics will argue that it’s unfair for GSP as he is way smaller than Silva and it will be a one-way knockout result due to that. And I understand the skeptics, it is indeed true that Silva is significantly larger than GSP and that that is directly an advantage for Silva. But if the fight happens closer to 170 lbs it would require Silva to cut a lot of weight and that would result in worse cardio, energy and power for Silva which would compensate for the size advantage.

The most interesting factor with this fight will indeed be the weight it is fought at. I assume GSP won’t want to go up too much and Silva won’t want to drop down too much. How will UFC solve this? Who will “budge” the most? It remains to be seen. GSP has said that Silva once fought at 168 lbs so that is a strong hint that he’d like the fight to be in the 170-180 area.

Thoughts on this soon to be real superfight? The first one in UFC history as well.

A true martial artist in every sense of the way.


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