Pre-workout supplements

I thought I’d share some of my wisdom and tips for working out once again as those posts are the ones that seem to be praised the most and receive most attention.

With this post I’d like to focus on the pre-workout supplements also known as PWO. These products cost a lot of money and claim to take your training to new levels and better results. However, I’ve tried several of them and done thorough research and have come to one conclusive realization about them.

Let’s get it out of the way immediately: all legal PWO supplement products are bullshit. There. I said it. They are filled with caffeine and some of them even have sugar to give a momentary boost and can cause some minor addictions in the sense that “if I don’t take it anymore I’ll be weaker now” and that’s just not good at all. In fact, the boost you get in terms of gains and energy is also very much psychological. I am no longer using any PWO:s because like I said, the legal ones are really bad and I feel they are a waste of money.

So what can you do instead when you want that boost for your workout? Well, it’s really simple. Drink a cup of strong coffee or black tea. There you will get a lot of caffeine which will help the blood flow and give you a slight kick for that energy. It will also stimulate your nervous system and prepare you. You can even tell yourself that its’ special with some supplement in it and you suddenly become a beast. But save your money on legal PWO:s as they are just after you to make money off you.

Coffee prior to a gym session is an excellent idea.


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