Life of Pi

I had fairly high expectations for this movie. After all, it had been hyped up ridiculously by everyone, but then again, I knew it was from people who consider movies such as The Expendables 2 a 1/5 or 0/5 movie and hate on classical action flicks. You know, those people who like to claim they have a more “refined taste in movies”. Yeah.

Life of Pi was interesting for sure. However, it never truly emerged me into it. It was a little too slow over time and also several factors bothered me a lot. Like, Pi never once shaved when he was stuck out there and his face was silky smooth. Seriously. How can you miss a massive detail like that? And he’s from India, they develop facial hair very quickly.

Other than that it was an interesting adventure movie and it’s definitely worth seeing. Although to me it wasn’t anything great and I won’t be seeing it again or anything like that. Like I said, I am more of an action guy and this just didn’t manage to catch me. It very well could have been the detail about the beard/the slow pace at times or I don’t know. But it just wasn’t as big as everyone made it out to be.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Life of Pi.



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