The Hobbit

I had high expectations, I’m not even going to lie. After how beautifully crafted the Lord of the Rings flicks were, I didn’t expect any less of The Hobbit. In fact, I was expecting more. I’m very glad to say that The Hobbit delivered a magic journey that was wonderfully crafted and felt alive in every sense of the way.

Peter Jackson has done an amazing job with the details and the world. It did not feel like our world at all. I thought I was in Middle-earth. Now that’s an impressive achievement in it’s own way. That’s what I look for in movies. The Hobbit is a prequel to the LOTR movies and we get to follow Bilbo when he was a younger hobbit.

The attention to detail and and the atmosphere were superb. I’ve said before, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s that good and believable. I’m not going to say more than that because I think that if you like fantasy movies and/or LOTR you will love this movie. It was an adventure indeed. I can’t wait for the following two to come out and experience Middle-earth again.

Worth mentioning is that I saw it in 3D and high frame rate. But to me that didn’t really make any difference. Maybe there was a small difference with those extra frames but I didn’t really “wow” me or anything like that. I think I might have had too high expectations for it or I was too focused on. Maybe if I see a 24 FPS movie next it will be more apparent, I don’t know.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


A truly entertaining journey.


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