PlayStation 4 to be unveiled in February?

The rumor mill has begun to spin. This time it’s Sony in the spotlight and the rumors are concerning PlayStation 4 being announced as early as February, 2013. And you know what? They’re not that implausible.

Microsoft released their Xbox 360 ahead of the PlayStation 3 and it proved to be a very clever move financially speaking. It gave the Xbox 360 an advantage that Sony never could dethrone. So with the next generation coming, I am sure that Sony would like to avoid the same scenario.

How can they do this? Simply by announcing the PS4 console this coming February instead of at the E3 event in June. It is believed that Microsoft will announce their next console during their E3 press conference in June, so this would give Sony a little momentum in terms of building hype, pre-orders and some unofficial market shares. Seems pretty logical, right? Indeed.

I really hope that these rumors pan out. I’d love to get a first glimpse at the next generation (the real one, now the Wii U bullshit with six year old hardware) and see what it holds in terms of power and software innovation. Consoles are dramatically changing and becoming media station as well as gaming machines. And the competition in that area is increasing and I think that both Microsoft and Sony would like to get in while there is a little competition as possible.

I’ll definitely be scouting the end of February in hopes of Sony confirming an event. What are your thoughts on this?

Fake concept art of the PS4. What ya think?


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