Strikeforce closes its doors

The last Strikeforce event we’ll ever see is now over. The winners were promised UFC contracts and the losers will get fired. At least, those were the words of UFC president Dana White.

For those who don’t know, UFC bought up Strikeforce a while ago and now will move a lot of fighters over to the UFC. Exactly what they did with WEC when they bought it too. Slowly, but safely, UFC will become a monopoly in the MMA market. But that’s more of a business post, so let’s talk about that at a different time.

All the big names but one won their fights and are now likely to become UFC fighters in 2013.

  • Saffiedine beat Marquardt (the only true upset of the evening)
  • Cormier beat Staring (TKO)
  • Barnett beat Guelmino (Arm-triangle choke)
  • Mousasi beat Kyle (Rear-naked choke)
  • Souza beat Herman (Kimura)

Then on the undercard we had some fairly decent fighters such as Gracie, Couture and Kennedy winning as well. These fighters will surely make for a great addition to respective weight classes in the UFC and I personally hope to see Mousasi improve and shine anew. I feel he has been forgotten way too soon and I will be following his new UFC career with excitement.

Mousasi impressed a lot in his last Strikeforce fight.


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