First loser is revealed

I quickly gave all the games a quick go just to see how they felt and I can already tell which ones I won’t finish and which ones were impressive.

DmC feels fresh, fun and generally awesome. Even though Dante’s new design is worse than the old one, he still is a lovable character. I can’t wait to continue playing this game.

Far Cry 3 on the other hand started real nice and went straight down the drain. Why? Because it wanted me to do fetch quests. Collect different herbs, kill animals and do this and that. Are you kidding me? It’s supposed to be first-person shooter not some FarmVille fetch quest girl simulator. I want to be a commando warrior not someone gathering herbs. This game is my first uninstall. Bye bye, Ubisoft you fail again.

Far Cry 3 goes down. I just can’t imagine anyone who enjoys fetch quests.



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