UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar

UFC 156 looks amazing. The main card could be the most action packed one I’ve ever seen. I kid you not, all of these fights could be main events on their own. Let’s break it down.

Aldo vs Edgar for the Featherweight championship. Edgar’s first fight at featherweight will be a title fight agains the legend Aldo. Can he beat him? I doubt it. Edgar’s fights have always been somewhat close and controversial, but then again, he’s never faced a monster like Aldo. I expect Aldo to take home a decision victory or a submission victory.

Evans vs Nogueira will be a very interesting fight as I love Evans and consider him to be one of the most exciting fighters to watch with his lightning fast hands and devasting power. But let’s not forget his powerful wrestling either. Nogueira comes to the table with KO power and world class BJJ, but I expect Evans to walk out the victor through TKO/KO or decision.

Overeem vs Silva is yet another godlike setup where we get to see the Alistair Overoid, oops, I mean Overeem come back from his long suspension. I expect Overeem to win by TKO where he utilizes his divine boxing along with some powerful knees. But Bigfoot Silva can deliver an upset by taking down Overeem to the ground and pounding himself to a stoppage.

Fitch vs Maia will be a grapplers deluxe fest and I can’t call a winner here. It will either be very interesting and technical or very grinding and boring. It’s a 50/50 call. I kind of expect Fitch to grind it out to victory.

Benavidez vs McCall in the flyweight division will be a fast match. Not perhaps timewise, but in terms of speed. These fighters are quick and dangerous. I hope McCall delivers this time and takes it seriously. He is not performing as well as he should be. I expect him to walk away with a decision although never ever count out Benavidez.

Thoughts on UFC 156?

The most stacked UFC card in years!


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