DmC: Devil May Cry

It has been a really long time since I last reviewed a game. Especially a single player game. And it has been a while since I even completed a single player game, as you know, Dota 2 killed console gaming for me and made me lost 90% of my interest in offline gaming. But some of that passion resurrected after a long break and I managed to finish the fifth and latest installment of the Devil May Cry franchise.

I was very skeptical towards this game. The redesign of Dante was something that I originally hated. But then I grew used to it. After all, his personality and general awesomeness was still there. Also this is the first DmC game that Capcom didn’t develop but Ninja Theory did. Ninja Theory have honestly done a better job than Capcom at almost every thing. The story makes sense and is something I cared to follow. The world is dark and demonic, especially when you are in the demon alternate world called limbo. Yes, Japanese developers have lost their edge for sure.

With this game, Ninja Theory wanted to stress the demons versus angels story and also the relationship between life and death – limbo. This was done brilliantly and felt amazing. Never before have I been intrigued or interested in these types of games, but here I was. I really hope that they get to do another sequel and continue with this style and direction because this is exactly what Devil May Cry franchise needed. It was all split out before and made zero sense and had virtually no story, and that’s not good for any AAA franchise.

In typical Devil May Cry fashion, the soundtrack is an important part when fighting thousands of demons and in DmC things don’t disappoint. The hard rock soundtrack delivers and keeps my blood flowing throughout each fight. Just like it should be. Also, the voice acting is great and the lines are far less cheesier than in previous installments. So speaking from the sound department, this are pretty much outstanding.

But all know that the hack n slash genre isn’t about music or story, it’s about fighting and the combat system. DmC delivers on those parts too. They feel very much like a Devil May Cry game and they do so in a good way and add new weaponry and mechanics. Perhaps a tad too much of exploration/jumping around for my taste, but hey, it was still an enjoyable ride. The combos chained together were real fun to perform and the enemies were plenty and varied in terms of weapons, attacks and tactics which made for a very joyful experience. My biggest complaint here is that the game was a bit too easy perhaps, I played on the standard difficulty level and pretty much only died once in a boss fight because I was lazy.

Bottom line is that this game is awesome. Despite being a single player game I managed to finish it due to the amazing story of angels and demons and the badness that Dante possessed. My love for games is coming back – even offline/single players ones. A game like this is not to be missed by any fan of the franchise or genre. With its compelling story and limbo world, solid combos, enemies and satisfying visuals, Ninja Theory may very well have outdone Capcom themselves.

Rating: 8 out 10

The ladies love Dante, and I must admit, he’s a cool guy.


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