TUF is near dead to me

I thought that Chael Sonnen would save The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) for me. But so far he hasn’t managed to do that, and we are four episodes in and it looks extremely dark.

Sure, the first episode delivered some good fights. And the third episode delivered one of the sickest KO ever in TUF history. But what about the other 30+ minutes of the episode? It’s boring. They have cut down the time of training and tips from coaches and workout sessions and instead we get to see the fighters talking about their uninteresting personal lives and who they are fighting for. Spoiler: their families and kids. Zzzz, yeah, I fell asleep too.

I will give it one or two more episodes. Otherwise I might just watch the finale because this show has been dying for so long and the concept is just too monotone and dull and seems to be shifting its focus on the wrong things.

Why aren’t you trash talking brah? Why are you this new Chael?


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