Xbox 360 5:1 Wii U

So the numbers are in for January in terms of hardware sales and it’s looking real good for Microsoft.

Xbox 360 remains the best selling console in the U.S for over a year now. But what’s more interesting are the numbers for Nintendo’s new console Wii U.

It seems as if the Wii U is selling worse than expected. In fact, sale expectations have been lowered for the quarter by a million and it’s being outsold by the Xbox 360 from 2005 by five to one.

This of course gladdens me a lot. Why? Because people have realized that Nintendo are holding back innovation. Just like they did with the original Wii. It’s a last generation console with five year old hardware on launch day. It’s subpar even the old consoles on certain points.

I’m very happy people don’t trust them anymore. I have zero intentions of picking up the Wii U as I feel the Xbox 360 is old enough already as it is. I’m waiting for the new Xbox and Playstation 4 this year – the real next generation consoles that will bring technology forward – not backward.

It might be from 2005, but it’s outselling Nintendo’s “next generation” console from 2012.


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