PlayStation 4 Summary

Here’s my summary of what was revealed last night during the PlayStation 4event:

  • PlayStation 4 officially confirmed with powerful GPU, 8 GB ram, and multiple-core processor.
  • PlayStation 4 controller officially revealed with share functions, touch pad, more polished design, new response technology, color coding at back as well. Stunning. Really stunning. (Pic at bottom)
  • Stream and social focus: Stream to your friends LIVE what you play and they can watch and chat with you from their iPhones, iPads, PS4s, or computers thanks to Ustream and PS Network. AMAZING I have waited ten years for a feature like this. Most impressive.
  • Turn off your console – resume your game instantly when turning it on: thanks to the 8 GB ram, Sony can now save your games right where you left them when your turn the console back on. Instantly.
  • Buy digital games and play instantly: now when you buy digital games through PS4 you can begin to play them immediately. No more waiting for hours. Very, very nice.

Of course, gaming consoles are primarily about games and we got plenty. Killzone: Shadow Fall which look very hot. Destiny from Bungie with exclusive PS4 content which to me is a major deal as that game looks fantastic and I want it right now >.<. Diablo III, but who cares about that garbage anyway? Worth mentioning though as this partnership is massive and will mean hundreds of thousands of sales for Sony extra. Also a new Infamous game was shown while Square Enix promised a new Final Fantasy at E3 this year for PS4. Watch Dogs will be out on the PS4 on day one. But I don’t trust Ubisoft, especially not with launch titles so that’s a no go for me.

I am mighty impressed by the PS4, I never thought I’d be this impressed. I thought my next choice would be as crystal clear as the previous two: Xbox and Xbox 360. But now I must say that Microsoft are in the behind with being the latter to announce the console. Now they have to severely impress me, more so than Sony did. Can they? It remains to be seen. I owe them that opportunity at least. But the streaming and sharing features is what made the PS4 irresistible to me. My friends can watch me play FIFA 15 on their iPhone while on the train and I am sitting comfortably in my couch. Awesome? I think so.

The actual design of the console was not shown and the price not released. The PlayStation 4 will available Holiday 2013 is what they said.

The final PS4 controller and it’s an improved beauty for sure.

Controller again. A stunning beauty.

Apps will be available for the PS4. Netflix, NHL etc – FUARK YES!





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