Fitness Tips: Diet Pills

I am going to start a new series of entries focused mainly on women’s fitness but most of it could be applied for men as well if what they seek is to get slim. I noticed a lot of feedback on my previous posts that focused on that, so I feel as if I have large userbase in that area and want to give it more entries.

In this entry I want to focus on diet pills and I have been getting a lot of questions regarding them and if they work or not and everything in between. Well, first and foremost: yes and no. A lot of people have a very, very flawed view on diet pills and what they achieve with them so I want to break it down clearly.

All diet pills are marketed in a special way. If you read the fine print clearly it states that the advertised results were in combination with an exercise routine and a healthy diet. They do not under any circumstances claim that these pills magically will make you shred weight, because that’s NOT true, those pills by themselves have zero effect on your weight loss. What they do though, some of them, is to pump you full on caffeine and perhaps slightly lower your appetite, hence making you lose weight indirectly. But keep in mind, even that is with exercise and diet.

Therefore ladies, do not waste your money on diet pills. Their effects are sluggish at best and promote a very non-healthy attitude. The key to losing weight is simply eating less, exercising more resulting in caloric deficit. It’s truly that simple and I will post detailed routines/diets in the future focused on exactly that.

To sum it up: no, diet pills will not make you lose weight directly. You’ll have to work for that, both physically and mentally.

There are so many diet pill brands and it surprises me that people fall for them still.


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