Ronda Rousey was beyond successful

Reports have come in from UFC 157, the first ever women’s UFC fight, and it was beyond successful. It out-sold the previous event by roughly 40% which was an male championship fight. Rousey’s exposure was higher than that of any fighter in UFC’s history being featured in several magazines, talk shows and doing interviews constantly.

I’m very proud to say that the first ever PPV I bought through UFC.TV was this one. I truly wanted to support women’s MMA (WMMA). Because I want it to become successful and huge. Rousey’s a beautiful woman and her victory, popularity and exposure will change how women perceive themselves and sports in general. They will re-evaluate the fact that a woman athlete can not only be stunning and gorgeous, she can be insanely successful and surpass top tier male fighters in exposure and popularity.

It was a big deal. And like I said, I am proud I contributed to it. I hope to see Rousey’s success continue and grow even. She has become the face of WMMA and it will be interesting to see how she handles all this. She has said herself she can hardly believe it’s real sometimes, that’s how popular she’s become. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted her success to rise this high.

The gorgeous Rousey has changed the way women’s sports will be perceived forever and how women look at themselves.


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