I finally managed to see the much talked about movie Lincoln in which one of my favorite actors, Day-Lewis managed to win an oscar for. Was it any good?

The answer is yes, it was good. However, it might not be what many expect. It’s what some people would like to call an “artsy” movie with only story and progression without any action or exciting scenes. In that regard, it has a very limited audience that will appreciate it.

As always, I will not spoil a single thing. It’s about Abraham Lincoln and Day-Lewis plays his role exceptionally well. I mean, he won an oscar for it, so I guess I’m not alone in thinking that. In the movie are also some other stars that impressed me such as James Spader and Tommy Lee Jones. Plus more that minor parts such as Gordon-Levitt. Very nice to see.

The focus of the movie was when Lincoln was re-elected and wanted to abolish slavery and end the civil war, which to me was very interesting things, so I enjoyed the movie as it was very well-written and directed. And acted. Yes, a very solid picture, but like I said earlier, it has a limited audience that will appreciate it. Especially in these days where there’s an explosion scene in every movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Great motion picture.


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