UFC cutting fighters like there’s no tomorrow

UFC have cut several fighters, mostly up and comers AKA no namers, but also some bigger names such as Jon Fitch, a top ten ranked fighter. Is it good or bad?

There’s a lot of talk about UFC cutting fighters from their contracts (firing them) and it’s causing a lot of critics to raise their voices. However, I don’t see what the fuzz is all about. I think this will be great for the sport.

Now, I haven’t seen these contracts, but I assume it says that unless UFC feels you perform satisfactory they can cut you. Otherwise they’d have tons of lawsuits and no fighter seems to be going that way so they must be aware of it. Secondly, UFC is a business and needs to grow and expand. And they cannot do that with boring and amateur fighters who don’t appreciate the opportunity they have been given. It’s a spectator sport – simple as that.

Cutting boring fighters and fighters on losing streaks is only natural and will make the UFC more entertaining in my eyes. Cutting an extremely dull fighter, even though top ten ranked, yes Jon Fitch, was the right choice. Fighters that do not deliver entertaining fights sell less PPV and generate less revenue and might even scare potential customers away. And UFC cannot allow that to happen freely, so this is their answer. And I feel it’s a damned fine one. Because already I hear fighters talking about pushing for that finish more and mention “I don’t want to get cut” and whatnot, so it’s clearly working.

Another great step the UFC is taking to increase its entertainment value is not giving boring fighters title shots immediately. A great example was Alexander Gustafsson who was promised a title fight if he beat Shogun, which he did, but it was an incredibly boring and amateur-like match and instead he got another fight. And this is the right decision in my opinion. These fighters are incredibly fortunate to be in the UFC and for a lot of them, it doesn’t show. They should be killing each other out there going for finishes at all times. Not grinding each other for 15 minutes or countering occasionally and playing it safe. That shit can go back to boxing or wherever it came from. MMA needs to grow and the only way it can do that is to attract those people who do not enjoy it at the moment and these are definitely the logical steps to do just that.

What other steps could they take? I want the old rules back. Basically anything was allowed. Knees to the head on grounded opponents, downwards elbows and thus on. But that will be very difficult to fix as that requires laws to be passed and athletic commissions to approve, so like I said, UFC are doing the right thing currently. 100 fighters will be cut, so if I were in the UFC, I’d fight my every fight like I’d get fired if I lost.

What are your thoughts on UFC cutting this many fighters and enforcing these new unofficial rules about entertaining, fighting with heart and going for finishes more?

I’m behind UFC and their decision to start cutting fighters that are labeled ‘boring’.


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