Fitness: Beginning your workout

It’s time for yet another fitness entry, and this time it’s for newcomers aiming to begin with their workout routines for the first time. It can be scary and difficult, so I thought I’d try to help with that.

All right, here are some basic guidelines I’d advise you to setup before beginning with your workout:

  • Set a clear and, I cannot stress this enough, realistic goal for yourself. What do you want to look like? How much weight do you want to lose or gain?
  • Estimate your daily caloric intake for either gaining weight or losing weight. You need to know this in numbers so you can see how much you are overeating by.
  • Fill in your data (height, weight, etc) to help you determine that caloric intake and also to help you put it into perspective. Sure, it can be depressing to see how much overweight you are.
  • Read training forums, blog posts and articles to get you started with a routine. Talk with people who workout and they will give you tips and you can check other people’s routines out as well.
  • Celebrities have excellent workouts for women. I mean this in terms of easiness to follow, women have it much easier than men. One I’d recommend for women is JWOWW’s routine.
  • Buy your gym membership immediately. Do not procrastinate, because that will inevitable result in not going at all and delaying your results. If you buy it instantly, you will feel obligated.
  • Never cheat. If you cheat your training, you only cheat yourself. And remember: the only thing in life that won’t let you down is your training.
  • Use whatever inspirational sources you deem fit. Hot girls? Hot guys? Fat girls? Fat guys? Whatever works for you, use it for that extra push.

Those are my quick and easy tips for beginning your workout. Next entry will focus on nutrition more. Feel free to share your own routines and tips.

2013-03-07 08.18.522013-03-04 10.55.01

2013-02-28 09.56.24OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What would you rather look like? The first two pictures, or the last two? The choice is entirely up to you and no one else.


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