Battlefield 4 announcement on March 26

EA and DICE have officially confirmed that their next blockbuster first-person shooter Battlefield 4 will be shown on March 26.

I’m very excited for this announcement as I love shooters. However, Battlefield 3 fell short in way too many aspects in order for me to still be playing it and to become a premium member. I hope DICE step up their game significantly with BF4 and shock and awe me. What I would like in BF4:

  • Even more stunning visuals. BF3 was gorgeous, but I want even better in the 4th game.
  • Significantly improved social functions. If I join a game with friends, we all should be in the same squad immediately. This is quite pathethic that DICE to this day haven’t incorporated into BF3.
  • Significantly better map design. The game is very imbalanced. Russians on Operation Metro have an unfair advantage by default in getting to the middle flag.
  • Bigger maps with more freedom.
  • Better overall tweaks in basic features such as ping, fps, etc that were lacking on launch.
  • New game mode
  • Something new that wows me

What would you like to see in Battlefield 4?


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