Django Unchained

I have a confession to make. I never caught this movie in the theaters, and for that, I apologize to Mr. DiCaprio and Tarantino, I had every intention of doing so, but due to the delayed release in my country and then everyone already “having seen it” so fast, it just never happened. But at least my first time seeing it was in glorious 1080p.

With Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio I knew the acting in this movie would be world class. And it was just that. These two actors are amongst the very best in my books and I can’t name any better ones in my head. I love these guys. And I love Tarantino’s writing as well. And the movie was epic throughout up until the end. That’s where it fell apart completely to me.

It is very difficult to rate to this movie. I mean, it was epic for so long out of its 2 hours and 45 minutes. It had amazing memorable scenes and fantastic characters. It had blood and gore and everything guys like. It was amazing to see a movie like this about slavery from a mastermind like Tarantino. But it also failed so miserably at the end that it has to be reflected in the final score. Because after all, a good ending is perhaps the most important thing in movies, at least to me. It has to end in a manner that I feel satisfied, and it did not at all here.

The way Tarantino chose to end it did not click in my brain or my with my taste in any way. I thought the ending was hands-down the shittiest one he could have ever gone with. It completely ruined the movie for me and made what would be a clear 5/5 masterpiece into a “movie worth seeing” and nothing more. The ending was that bad to me. I can’t as a movie lover raise the grade because of how worthless it was to me. Prior to the end I was entangled in the movie but once I realized what was going on in the end I was just begging the movie to end so I could walk away. Sad to see indeed as Tarantino usually knows his stuff.

Like I said earlier, it had world class acting and it was intriguing. It had that classical Tarantino feel. It covered a very interesting topic and seemed to portray it accurately and in an interesting manner. My hat goes off to DiCaprio and Waltz who once again prove why they are on the top of my acting list.

Rating: 3 out of 5

When this man is in a motion picture, I will always watch it.


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