LucasArts gets shut down

Disney who bought Star Wars and LucasArts and all related things has now decided to shut down LucasArts and cancel all their projects, among them were Star Wars 1313. This has caused some shockingly negative response from gamers. Is this justified?

If we take a look at what Disney does good it’s making money. They are releasing quality animated movies again and basically run the world. They have smart people there. No doubt. LucasArts on the other hand, what have they done in the past year? Not much. In fact, they have released a few mediocre games at best. The last good product to come out of LucasArts was in 2008, that’s five years ago.

Star Wars 1313 did look very promising. It did. I am not even going to lie. But since Disney shut that down it must have meant it wasn’t nearly as finished as LucasArts claimed it was. They know how to run their company and it was clearly the right decision to make. Keep a company that wasn’t smart enough to fully capitalize on the  Star Wars brand must mean one thing: they’re dumb.

So I understand the decision to shut them down. Regardless of how much I looked forward to Star Wars 1313. It makes sense from a financial point of view. Hopefully Disney will now turn it around and release quality Star Wars games more frequently than Lucas did.

1313 was one of the two games that will not be released now. TWO games only. Relax, people.


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