Disney’s Star Wars plans

Disney has revealed their plans for their Star Wars movies and it is looking fantastic from a fans perspective. We will be getting a new movie annually. Fuark yes.

  • There will be a new trilogy starting with Episode VII and that debut’s Disney’s movies in 2015 with Episode VIII coming in 2017 and Episode IX 2019.
  • For 2016 there will be a spin-off movie and they will alternate bi-annually with the new trilogy.
  • Han Solo spin-off considered, a young Han Solo with amazing escapes and battles with smuggling and whatnot.
  • Yoda spin-off, not much details about when or how.

So that’s some pretty juicy information and if the movies are well-made, I have no problems with an annual release of Star Wars movies, in fact, I welcome it. I mean, they can’t be worse than the prequel trilogy, right?

I’d love to see the Return of the Sith and that they scratch the Rule of Two, but that’s just me. I love the Sith.


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