Iron Man 3 (3D)

Marvel’s latest superhero movie is now out and after a rather mediocre The Avengers movie (in my opinion) my expectations were somewhat mixed for Iron Man 3, which I managed to see at the world premiere in 3D.

I truly loved the first Iron Man. It set a huge benchmark for other superhero movies and brought superheroes back to mainstream and into female lives. It became a tremendous success and it was also a great motion picture. The second one, not so much. It failed to utilize on the franchise and could’ve been so much more. So what about the third one? Well, I am sad to say it was the worst out of the three movies and a very, very “OK” movie at best.

Robert Downey Jr plays his part perfect. It’s not his fault that the movie was OK. Not by any means. The writing was horrible, and the action scenes were few and rare with over exaggerated explosions in lame ways that didn’t impress. There was way too much talking and too little action and Iron Man’s personality has taken the swing for the worse and lost his cache. I wanted the Tony Stark playboy billionaire who was cocky and had that attitude. But no, he has become a total tool and semi-emo depressed teenager. That’s not what I want to see.

With a totally lame Tony Stark, and a lame villain with a concept that I didn’t enjoy one bit, not even for a “superhero” movie, this movie failed to capture my interest throughout. It had some fairly decent explosions. It had some really funny jokes, but there was no red thread that held it all together for me. This is not what I expect from a superhero. I want him to be badass and strong, not weak and boring. I want proper writing with an entangling storyline. I just wanted this movie to end so I could go home, really. There was not a single moment of “wow” for me and completely zero “awesome” factor as well.

And how come everytime the Iron Man suit can save Tony it’s always some alpha model that’s made in China that breaks from simply shrapnel or metal and never is combat ready or at full power? Insanely frustrating and idiotic. This was the case for Iron Man 2 and is the case for Iron Man 3 numerous times. Really, really annoying. And it’s sad to see that Stark Industries manufacture their gear in China so it breaks so easily from simple metals. A lot of people in the theater reacted to this as well and kind of laughed at it because it’s frankly just pathetic writing through and through.

Iron Man 3 is going down a dangerous path that I am not liking at all. People of the franchise who aren’t that into superheroes and whatnot will surely enjoy it for what it is, an OK action flick with some great jokes. Nothing more. It’s nothing special or memorable about this movie at all, unlike the first one. I hope that other superhero movies do not follow this horrible trend and that they can revitalize them instead. This is without a doubt the weakest 3/5 rating I am giving, it’s insanely close to being a 2.5/5 actually.

Rating: 3 out of 5

War Machine or Iron Patriot? Either way, the movie was only “OK” at its best. Disappointment of the year? I think so.


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