Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D

I have seen the first movie. I have read the entire prequel comic book series. I am officially ready to go into darkness. Did this insanely anticipated movie live up to all the hype after all these years?

I’m going to cut right to the chase. Star Trek: Into Darkness is a masterpiece through and through. Everything about this movie radiated excellence and it was artistically perfect. The special effects were world class, the story was entangling, engaging and interesting and it brought into itself one of the most interesting characters ever. It had hilarious jokes. Excellent battles. Epic space travel. It had sadness that brought tears to my eyes, yes this movie had indeed everything.

JJ Abrams did an amazing job with this motion picture. He really did. It delivered and exceeded my expectations greatly and I hope to see him doing several more Star Trek flicks. But perhaps not make me wait another five years please? I’d like to see it bi-annually. And I hope that if he doensn’t do it, the other person will follow suit in the same mature yet fun direction that I am sure has opened up Star Trek to non-Star Trekers. The 3D effects were quite subtle but they did add to the overall effect at certain parts and I even blinked with my eye in one scene as it felt the object was heading to pierce my left eye ball, which makes me more than satisfied with the 3D overall.

If you are looking for this years thus far best motion picture, look no further. This is it. This is an epic space adventure that I recommend highly. I will re-watch it countless times and I have a really difficult time seeing me praising any other movie coming out this year as much as this one. It looks like the strongest candidate to movie of the year for sure.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Hot chicks in Star Trek? You bet.


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