Xbox One: A Double-Edged Sword

Microsoft was the last out of the three console makers to reveal their next generation console. It was only week ago and a lot of hate and debate has come up regarding the Xbox One varying from “media machine”, “no games”, “no used games” and much more. It’s fun because of two reasons: the first one is that I am not hearing a peep about Playstation 4 and the second is; can Microsoft turn all this free media and debate into sales or are they driving customers to Sony?

As I said, I am not seeing any news regarding the PlayStation 4 at all. All I see are rumors circulating the Xbox One’s used-games functionality and mocking images calling it a media player instead of a console, even though Microsoft have numerous times confirmed that games are their primary focus and that all the games will be shown at E3. But this is like I said, a good thing. Xbox One is all over the place. The PlayStation 4 is currently in the shadows, in fact, sometimes it feels like I’ve already forgotten about its existence because of all this Xbox One talk. In fact, Blockbuster recently said the Xbox One has broken pre-order records at their stores. So I say: Xbox One is currently a double-edged sword.

Microsoft are keeping dead silent on the used game functionality. It will play used games, but as they said “with a twist” and that twist is what thousands of people are trying to find. Rumors have you will be able to sell your digital licenses and then retailers and developers get a fee from it so it’s win-win-win. Should this be true it’s revolutionary in terms of digital media and purchases and Microsoft will be known as innovators of digital purchases. No doubt. And I actually believe this is true. Microsoft have always had that philosophy to focus on digital media and a digital future. So why not make it revolutionary with the new Xbox One?  It all makes sense and is very exciting. E3 can’t come soon enough this year. It will be a spectacle for sure. Changing the way used video games are sold will be huge.

It will be highly interesting to see if Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot by using this media focus first and are at risk of losing several hardcore gamers customers. But E3 will reveal more and focus on games, and I think Microsoft have the upper-hand here against Sony. Especially if my prediction that the PS4 will be more expensive than the Xbox One comes true.

I have yet to make my decision regarding which console to buy and it all comes down to the E3 conference. What launch games will be availble for the consoles and what exclusive games will come out during the first year?


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