What I want from Microsofts E3 Conference

It’s just over a week left until E3 and expectations and rumors are floating around. It’s the biggest gaming conference of the year and thus it’s only natural to be excited as a gamer.

Since this year will launch the next generation of consoles and bring an end to the previous one which lasted a record long eight years, I have never been more hyped for e3 than I am now. And to all those haters, Microsoft has promised to solely focus on games. They got all the media things out during the reveal announcement.

Here’s what I hope Microsoft reveal during their conference at E3:

  • Global release date
  • Price
  • All the 15 exclusive games coming the first year
  • Launch line-up
  • Some sort of surprise
  • And these games (exclusives) I’d like to see for the Xbox One during the first year:

  • Killer Instinct (Launch)
  • Crackdown 3
  • Halo 5
  • Banjo-Threeie
  • New IP (Launch)
  • And more of course, but for the first year/launch period. I also really hope Capcom makes Steet Fighter V for the next gen consoles. That’s something I’d really like.

    These are just some of the things I’m hoping for. A new Killer Instinct as an exclusive launch title would definitely seal the deal for Microsoft in terms of my loyalty and money for the next five plus years.

    What are you hoping for to be revealed at E3? And which conference excites you the most?


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