My next console is…

PlayStation 4!

I haven’t been a PlayStation customer since the very first PlayStation, but that’s about to change.

I must thank Microsoft for many great gaming memories. They were the vastly superior platform last generation but their age of dominance has come to an end. Sony’s doing everything right with PlayStation 4. Since I travel a lot, the region free functionality was the nail in the coffin.

Why I’m choosing PlayStation 4:

  • It’s region free
  • It’s more powerful than Xbox One
  • Fully supports used games/trading games with friends
  • Xbox hardware has been inferior in my experience, i.e. breaks more easily. (I bought four Xbox 360 controllers, my friend never bought an additional for his PS3)
  • Majority of my friends will be getting it
  • It will be the dominant console in my market
  • 40 AAA-multiplatform titles will have exclusive PS4 content, amongst them is Destiny
  • Consumer focus
  • Developers say the PS4 games will be sharper and have more power to work with
  • Microsoft does, as of now, have more enticing exclusives, but Sony has Naughty Dog as exclusive. The highest rated studio of the previous generation. And that’s not bad. And Sony are usually late with announcing their exclusives. There will be fifteen the first year.

    You might have noticed I didn’t mention the always on, Internet required DRM that Xbox One has as one reason why I’m picking the PlayStation 4. That’s because I don’t give a damn about that. I don’t live in Africa, and being connected 24/7 is no issue to me.

    However, I feel Microsoft are getting a bit arrogant with their new restrictions and rules and don’t have the same humble approach as Sony do and focus on consumers. And I feel as if that’s something I don’t want to support and encourage. Microsoft have gotten too cocky, and that’s a shame. They basically gave Sony the victory for free.

    With more freedom, no region lock, more powerful hardware which means better looking games, I am going with the PlayStation 4. Graphics are hugely important to me and so is the region free option. Plus there’s a bit of nostalgia since my last PS memories stretch so far back it will be a bit magical holding that new DualShock 4 controller.


    Modern next gen design.


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