My thoughts on iOS 7

Apple revealed their new iOS with an all-new design for the first time in seven years and… I am not fond of it.

It’s much flatter than the previous ones and many of the icons look flat out ugly now. I’m looking at you Photos and Game Center. Disgusting.

I have an iPhone 4S, and the most appealing feature for iOS 7 won’t be available on my phone. The AirDrop. Nor will iRadio in my country. Sucks, right?

I’m sure that I will get used to the new design and eventually forget it even has changed. And I’m sure I will even like it. It does come with a lot of improvements that I will be using such as the new improved Safari, Quick Control, Email, Camera etc etc.

But it really grinds my gears about that AirDrop and iRadio. I hate restrictions and I see no reason to upgrade to an iPhone 5 to get AirDrop. I’m still waiting for the iPhone 6 before I consider upgrading my phone.



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